Independence Day

There have been a lot of changes lately – and I’m just now coming back to this thing I started a long time (and just a few entries) ago.  What has changed?

For one, that craft room I worked so hard on doesn’t exist anymore. I moved in with the boyfriend last weekend and now have a new shared office space that I will be organizing over the next few weeks in hopes of getting my craft – and office – space back.

A variety of other things have changed as well.  Work has been hectic, and gets busier every day as I get a little more stressed out.  I’m hoping to turn back to crafting as a way to get out of my own head – I need a hobby! For now, that and walking my dog will have to do.

I lost my baby puppy girl, Mara Jade, a few weeks ago.

She was the best of dogs and I miss her so much. I’m not entirely sure what happened, the vet told me it was probably a ruptured vertebrae and that it just happens sometimes in big dogs.

Max (my dachshund) and I are figuring out how to just be us while he figures out how to live in a new house with Miss Audrey (the boyfriend’s cat).  It’s not something he is very good at. Hopefully they’ll figure out how to get along.

June was a very rough month but I’m trying to put it  behind me – to start new this July in my new house with this new version of my life.  It’s a little scary, particularly this moving in with the boyfriend thing, but I think it’s going to be okay.