My First Title.

Life is like a mix tape. It crescendos and crashes, full of unexpected twists and turns. Even if you know the playlist you can still be surprised.

And there is always that one song that you really wish you’d left out.

I spent two hours tonight when I should have been working setting up this blog instead. I wouldn’t have needed to be working except I did a poor job of working today.

Being self employed can be a pain in the ass, especially when you drive to the opposite side of the city to meet a client and they never show up. The city which is currently experiencing record high temperatures and hasn’t had a mentionable amount of rain in months. The city in which I have lived for five years with no air conditioning in my car and without updating my registration.

I’ve been having a little trouble giving up my Idaho plates. When the little old lady at the DMV picked them out for me in the fall of 2005 she chirped “eighty-six, ninety-six, nine… that will be easy to remember!”

And I thought: “8-69-69? It sure will.”